Poker goes VIP in Asia for the super rich

Asian VIP operator has started Poker Time Club – a luxury gaming facility for its VIP customers – in The Macau Roosevelt. Asian VIP Meg Star Group has released what it hopes will become a high stakes poker house in Macau. A distinctive concept in both the VIP and Asian poker worlds, Poker Time Club – situated in Macau Jockey Club Casino in The Macau Roosevelt close Taipa – is described as the only large Texas Hold’em poker club in the world to offers a top level watch appreciation service. Developed in conjunction with Switzerland’s Swiss Time Group, it features five first-of-a kind ring shaped VIP rooms, two poker tables on the primary floor of the bar, two baccarat tables, an open air lounge offering high end ceremony and what Meg Star describes as a collection class watch appreciation area where an array of luxury watches are on display.

Outlining the motivation for launching Poker Time Club, a spokesman told IAG, We expect to introduce more diversified projects and components to the top end entertainment marketplace in Macau, also in the exact same time collaborate with the national approach to promote cooperation and diversified development between Macau and much more worldwide companies by giving a wide range of suitable amusement and leisure solutions to the world from various interests and various consumer classes. There’s without doubt that Poker Time Club, as the resort in brings something a bit different to Asia’s gaming pulse. When it started in August 2017, The Macau Roosevelt and its 368 room five stars resort – modelled on the renowned Hollywood Roosevelt – billed as a contemporary take on Hollywood glam with a 50s retro twist.

Designed by Los Angeles based designer Gulla Jó, nsdó, ttir, that redesigned the 90 year-old Hollywood Roosevelt a decade past, the rooms of the hotel all face the next floor swimming pool in a deliberate effort to mirror the hotels found in Hollywood movies of the 50s. It had been this special concept, together with the hotel’s excellent location overlooking Macau Jockey Club, which convinced Meg Star Group it’d discovered the ideal home for poker time club. It’s all the features and space we need for our desired bar members, Meg Star clarifies. The club offers luxury and top amusement services for the planet’s wealthiest Texas Hold’em elite players and we believe these players will find everything they need from the club with its amazing features. Sitting in the open air lounge at Poker Time, members may enjoy the scenic view of the Macau town and Cotai in the evening and watch the ferocious events in the racecourse in the daytime. Poker Time Club is among the many business arms of Meg Star Group, which also consist of real estate, airplane leasing, superior retail, IT, cultural artwork, F&B and wine distribution. The business is best known for its VIP amusement business, Meg Star International, which operates eight VIP Clubs in Macau and 3 internationally in Australia, the Philippines and Russia.