Influx of Russian and Americans into the Asian poker market

Not a day goes by without a poker player dreaming of times. But after winning his seat he didnt have to stump up the entrance fee. A man called Moneymaker wins $2.5 million at his first live tournament, you can’t do it up. This time period well established poker, but nobody could have imagined how strong the Moneymaker effect would end up being. With repeats of the TV coverage over Earth, appetites were whetted when players saw playing cards might win how much money. It didnt matter, since nobody if you played money games, or tournaments, and I mean nobody, knew what they do.

In comparison to today, the degree of knowledge has been primitive. Anyone who really put any effort into studying managed to print money. And thats no exaggeration. But times change, and the games got gradually tougher, until that fateful day in 2011, which we now call Black Friday, has arrived and crippled the online game. Literally overnight, with the United States based players people found they couldnt beat their game. The boom was officially over. Over the next five years some suppliers have tried their best to encourage Americans to return to of the on-line game, but issues together with financial transactions has made it difficult.

We’ve seen a large influx about Russian players, that has helped immensely to keep of the number of tables up, but we need more. The games still continue to get tougher year by year, and even though new players are still coming along, they are getting eaten by the sharks too quickly. In an ideal world, we’d see another boom exactly like 13 years ago, but how? Looking into of the Future – The Asian poker market has grown steadily around the last several years.

Almost completely under the radar. Talk about China supplying enough new players to make a boom is not new, but exactly how near or far away we’re is not clear at all. Asia established poker tours keep on popping up, plus they do a great job about promoting of the scene live, but without recognizable homegrown talent continuously putting in top notch performances, this is not the catalyst to send the Asian on-line market into overdrive.

So maybe the on-line poker community has to play its part as well. New suppliers focused mainly on the Asian market might help to create a real community feel which will attract new players from their very own part of the world so that they may all play together.